For 2012 I’ve pledged to make my world smaller. At least my social media world. Because in the rush for scale and perceived clout I – and way too many people using social media – opened the flood gates of way too much chatter. And like the roar from a sudden rush of water, it’s become impossible to distinguish individual sounds (voices) and prioritize them according to desirability.

So, I’ve begun pruning connections on Twitter, in LinkedIn and even a bit among my Facebook circle. (Other than experimenting with Google+, Tumblr, FourSquare and other platforms, I never fully engaged at any of these so my work here is done.)

The thing is, I’ve matured to a less-can-be-more sensibility. I want to actually value experiences and instead find that my time in social media has become of diminished value, less special and decreasingly relevant. I crave the truly authentic (more on that in another post soon), and too much information from too many connections just doesn’t deliver that.

When all is said and done, our social media experiences are about us as individuals. We get to choose which voices we want to hear, what connections are meaningful, and who really is a friend privy to our daily life’s check ins.

In a spooky coincidence, I recently caught an exchange on Twitter between a person doing exactly what I’m doing and some of those she was unfollowing. Although she did her best to explain that her choice was not personal, she had a bit of a backlash. But her timeline is her timeline, and she has the right to choose what content constitutes that timeline.

Truth is, I had already slowed my Twitter interactions to a trickle so I doubt that anyone will notice my absence. And I prefer it that way as I enjoy a more tailored, relevant and informative experience in social media.