This OUT and IN pairing deserves its own post.

OUT: “Expert” | IN: Expertise. During the 19th century gold rush era, when a miner staked a claim it didn’t mean he was rich. It meant he had the potential for riches if he owned the right plot of land and worked it diligently.

These days, just about anybody can (and does) declare themselves an “expert” and then sashays that mantel around without a lot of challenge.

But there is a huge difference between declaring oneself an expert and earning expertise. In marketing, and especially in social media, there are so many “experts” around you wonder why it is that so many efforts fail.

Here’s why: Nobody is born an expert, and in an emerging, evolving environment it takes trial and error, recalculation, grunt work and sheer force of will to learn, apply and eventually find successes.

Expertise is earned. Declaring oneself an “expert” is b*******t.

[For the record, this principle can be applied to any industry or activity. Just in case the social media “experts” are feeling bullied.]