I have participated in, observed, learned from, lead and commented on the advertising-brand-marketing business for more than 20 years of optimism, with the occasional bout of skepticism – just enough to keep perspective. Those years were spent on both the client and agency sides of the equation, the latter perhaps a sort of penance for the former. Yet having been in the client’s seat has given me a reference point that drives my service orientation.

As an agent of organizational innovation, business development, brand and content marketing I harness trends, people, resources and methods to drive both immediate and lasting results.

I add value through business development stewardship, strategic-creative consultation, and service and culture enhancements. Results are more powerful connections with clients and customers, expanded revenue horizons, service advancements and enhanced and motivated teams.

For more about me, visit my LinkedIn profile. You can follow me on Twitter @AgencyBabylon.

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