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The classic daytime TV soap opera is an entertainment format on its very last leg (and a spindly one at that). But the ridiculous melodrama, improbable plot twists and sheer cheesiness of the genre lives on in other realms. Most notably in the modern advertising or marketing agency.

Just consider the following if ad agencies were soap operas:

  • #1: BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT = Search For Tomorrow
  • #2: ACCOUNT SERVICES = General Hospital
  • #3: CREATIVE = The Young and the Restless
  • #4: SENIOR MANAGEMENT = All My Children
  • #5: STRATEGISTS = The Guiding Light
  • #6: ACCOUNTING/FINANCE = Dark Shadows
  • #7: INTERACTIVE = Another World

Here’s a quick post with a link to a Star Tribune article from June 22 about the state of the advertising and marketing agency sector in the Twin Cities. To read the article, click here.

This is not breaking news by any means, but it’s interesting to hear some perspectives from agency leaders around town.

One beef with the piece is this: while the reporter acknowledges that some smaller agencies are doing well in this tough environment, only Fallon-related agencies are cited. In fact, there are a lot of smaller shops in town without Fallon blood in them that are doing quite well — because they too have smart, creative and aggressive people in the driver’s seat. (Meanwhile, other small players face tough sledding just like the bigs.)

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